ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA Golden Anniversary 1954-2004.- T.A.Anselmi.


ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA Golden anniversary 1954-2004 .- T.A.Anselmi. Nada publ.2004 (reprint). 192 pages with 31 colour and 302 b/’s. Hardcover, 21x31cm.,english tekst.
One of the most prestigious Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is 50 years old. The first in the series appeared at a special preview in Valentino Park, Turin, during the spring of 1954, before being officially unveiled at the city’s motor show that same year. Angelo Tito Anselmi, one of the sector’s authoritative historians, devoted a book to the car that contained a wealth of photographs, designs and manufacturer’s official documents, a work that was completed with a list of all the Giulietta’s victories between 1955 and 1965, as well as the chassis numbers of each series. This book comprises fundamental reference material, which is indispensable to all Alfa enthusiasts.

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