Ferrari A History.-B.Alfieri.


Ferrari A History.-B.Alfieri. Automobilia publication, 1998. 192 pages with many splendid photo’s in colour & b/w. Hardcover 25.5×28.5cm. Contents: Enzo Ferrari, a genius of character; Ferrari the pilot, the Alfa Romeo dealership, the Scuderia Ferrari 1919; Ferrari wants a 12-cylinder engine. 1945; The first racing cars, the first victories. 1947; In search of a shape: Ferrari, bodymakers and the first GTs. 1948;
Victories and triumphs: Ferrari wins the first World Championships. 1952; The saga of the 250s. 1952 ;SuperAmerica and SuperFast. 1954; Formula 1 and Sport: ahead with mixed fortunes. 1954; The Dino engine: victories on the circuit and wonderful GTs. 1957; The industrial growth. 1961; A new era in racing: the rear-engined single-seaters. 1960; The agreement with Fiat. 1969; The Boxer, an engine for a comeback. 1969; The 8-cylinder Ferraris. 1973; The Formula 1 Turbo adventure. 1981; The supercar era: Testarossa, F40 GTO and F50. 1984; Sports activity in the nineties: not only Formula 1. 1989; With Montezemolo towards the future. 1991

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