Fiat 1300-1500 1961-1967 Sannia, Alessandro


Fiat 1300-1500 1961-1967 Sannia, Alessandro 60 pages with more than 100 colourphoto’s. 27×19.5cm. Italian text, softbound.

1300 and 1500 were the elegant product of Fiat in the 1960s, from the economic boom to the “circumstance”. Sober sedans, refined and classy, above the average but without being too showy, they matched with the tastes of the good Italian burgeoisie, still appreciating a certain easthetic elegance just before a period of strong social changes.
The station-wagon versions, on the other hand, are a nice example of a concept still to ahead of times for those years to be really understood and appreciated.
This book features all its history, from the beginning of the project to the following developments, packed with several illustrations and detailed technical data sheets of every version.

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