Fiat 132 E Argenta 1972-1986-A.Sannia.


Fiat 132 E Argenta 1972-1986 .A.Sannia. 80 pages with more than 120 colourphoto’s.. Softb.27x19cm.,italian text.

The 132 had the hard role of high-end sedan in a period of conflictual changes and great social tension. Fitted wiht a refined mechanic raffinata, it was forced to quickly evolve in terms of contents and styling to keep being updated. Together with the Argenta, that was an evolution in another hard time as the transition in the early 80s, they was the best that Fiat could offer in a long and troubled period.

This book features all its history, from the beginning of the project to the following developments, packed with several illustrations and detailed technical data sheets of every version.


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