FIAT 1500 E 2800 FUORSERIE. A.Sannia


FIAT 1500 E 2800 FUORSERIE. A.Sannia. 64 pages, 150 b/’s. Softb., 21x30cm. Italian text.
A panoramic and nostalgic view on the high-class Special Bodies of the Fiat 1500 and 2800, the beautiful 6-cylinders cars of thirties and forties. Limousines, Spiders, Coupes and Convertible models with their extremely elegant bodies and all the variations by the best designers but also by other less known but equally important coachbuilders.
Types: Fiat 1500 (1935/1939) Fiat 1500 C (1939/1948) Fiat 1500 D (1948/1949) Fiat 1500 E (1949/1950)
Fiat 2800 (1938/1942).
Coachbuilders: Allemano, Balbo, Belmondo, Bertone, BFG, Boneschi, Borsani, Casaro, Castagna, Cattelan, Colli, De Sécheron, Evel, Stabilimenti Farina, Figini, Garavini, Ghia, Gianni, Meteor, Monnier, Monviso, Pietroboni, Pininfarina, Rossi, Savio, Scuderi, Siata, Stanguellini, Tajana, Touring, Vignale, Viotti e Zagato.

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