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PORSCHE L’ECCELLENZA SU STRADA E IN PISTA.-V.Boni Z.Ardizo. Nada publ.,2010,. 384 pages with 395 colour & 235 b/w.photo’s. Hardcover, 20x20cm.,italian tekst. Cover slightly damaged
There are not many marques that have, by right, entered into the history of world motoring and motor sport but, certainly, among them a prominent role has been played by Porsche. For over 60 years the famous Stuttgart company’s name has been synonymous with excellence as much of its road cars as its racers. The stars of the road car variety carry names, or rather model numbers, like the 356, 911 or 959, while among the racings cars are the 550, 904 and 908, as well as the unforgettable 917 to have played a “show stealer” roles in sport car and prototype racing. The bibliography devoted to the German manufacturer is by no means deficient, but it did lack a work that could cover Porsche’s fascinating story in a synthetic but exhaustive manner, a story that began in 1946 and seems will never end.

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